Aesthetique has many years of experience in the international aesthetic beauty industry, which makes us able to maintain a wide range of the most popular brands in the market. Our experience gives us strong purchasing power, fast delivery and genuine products with the best prices..

Aesthetique is your reliable partner in the aesthetic medicine field. We offer bestseller products with very competitive prices for the growth of your company in your domestic market.


Our goal is to constantly develop a wider portfolio. Collaboration with renowned hospitals, medical centres, aesthetic clinics, experienced aesthetic professionals and medical specialists from the sector makes us stronger. We are the official representative of popular brands in Armenia and also have great experience in new brand development. Thus, as we strive for advancement in our work and due to our commitment to innovation in aesthetic medical field, we always seek for and discover new brands to make recognizable and promote in the Armenian market. Currently, we are extending our business by opening new branches of aesthetic clinics in Yerevan


Training Center

We have a training centre right in the heart of the capital city Yerevan and are constantly organizing training, seminars and workshops for our existing and potential customers in Armenia, which are held by local specialists or highly qualified physicians from abroad. Our training centre differs from others with its structure, comfort, sterile conditions, pleasant atmosphere and hospitality. We have highly qualified MD physicians certified by the manufacturers in our centre, who represent our brands, have individual approaches to both specialists and clients, highest willingness to always help and give appropriate recommendations.