Silhouette Soft 8 Cones

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8 cones

Silhouette Soft 8 cones are a revolutionary way to look younger with thread. The face becomes younger without any invasive surgery.

Silhouette Soft 8 cones, designed by Sinclair Pharma, is a non-surgical instant lifting procedure based on innovative cone technology. The single-use sterile implantable resorbable device is designed to reshape the skin surface as well as to tighten sagging skin and neck tissue. In addition, Silhouette Soft 8 cones help to tighten the skin and restore lost facial volume by improving the body's production of collagen. The single-use resorbable device consists of strands of polylactic acid interspersed with resorbable glycol-lactide cones (PLGA) that dissolve into the skin.




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