Dongkook Pharmaceutical

The Central R&D Center established in 1989 is located at Gyeonggi-do Suwon-si Gyeonggi Bio-Center. The Center is equipped with an optimum research environment to strengthen the R&D competency, to hire excellent talented personnel, and to activate the network of joint research by industry and academy. The Center is focusing fully on competency to preoccupy the proprietary position in global markets through the project implementation around technology and customers. Also, the Central R&D Center, based on excellent technology of Pharmaceutical Formulation, has independently developed ‘Minocline Ointment (1995)’, ‘Pofol (1996)’, 'Lorelin Depot (1999)', 'Hyalon First Injection (2007)', and ‘Bellast(2013)’ and settled them as a leading item in each field. The Center was recognized of its excellent platform technology in the field of manufacturing drugs with a slow dissipation in organs. In 2005, the Center was designated as the excellent manufacturing & technology R&D Center (ATC) from the Ministry of Knowledge and Economy. In 2016, the Center received the Ji Seok Young award for patented technology.

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