REVITACARE is a French Laboratory, founded in 2003, specialising in the research, design, and manufacturing of medical devices based on hyaluronic acid, dedicated to aesthetic medicine and cosmetology, their products are designed to prevent, correct skin ageing and treat hair problems. Specialists working in Revitacare are known as pioneers in the development of integrated products that combine exclusive components of active ingredients based on hyaluronic acid. Founded in France, REVITACARE is also widely presented internationally to satisfy the expectations of our customers. REVITACARE was honoured with several awards for their products, including CYTOCARE as "Best mesotherapy product" and hair care as "Best hair beauty product". These awards highlight their outstanding performance and demonstrate their commitment to developing efficient and safe products. In 2019, they launched the Revitafill Xtra line with monophasic fillers including amino acids. Revitafill is a new brand of unique fillers indicated for facial correction. Revitafill Xtra 2Revitafill Xtra 3 & Revitafill Xtra 4 are made up of three different densities that are specially developed for volume recovery, contour remodelling, wrinkle correction, and lip contouring. The fillers are a perfect combination of hyaluronic acid and amino acids that greatly improve skin quality while changing soft skin tissue and reducing the signs of ageing.

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