Elasty D Plus

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1 x 1 ml

ELASTY D is a medium viscosity injectable filler also known as Elasty deep. Fills moderate to deep wrinkles around eyes, nasolabial folds, on the forehead, cheeks, marionette lines and on other face areas. Works well on the deep layers of the skin. 

Elasty D​ is a high class hyaluronic acid based injectable that is made with patented PNET (Preserved Natural Entanglement Technology) technology. Designed by the South Korean Faroha company. It is a high viscosity effective filler, which provides high stage purified hyaluronic acid, long biodegradation period (result lasts up to one year), excellent cohesion and high elasticity. It is very comfortable, as it contains two syringes with 1ml filler each, which makes it affordable by the price. Works well on medium to deep layers of the skin.

Product scope

Face,Cheeks,Nasolabial folds,Under Eye

HA concentration

24 mg/ml



Syringe Volume

1 ml

Needle size



Dermal Filler


3 mg

Indications for use

Fine wrinkles

Country of origin

South Korea