Elasty G Plus

4.6 6

1 x 1 ml

Elasty G is a cross-linked hyaluronic acid injectional filler. It is the most dense filler of the line. Effectively fills in medium-deep or deep wrinkles, nasolabial folds, nose, cheeks, adds volume to the lost tissue and creates contour and shape of the face.

Elasty G is a high class hyaluronic acid based injectable that is made with patented PNET (Preserved Natural Entanglement Technology) technology. Designed by the South Korean Faroha company. It is a high viscosity effective filler, which provides high stage purified hyaluronic acid, long biodegradation period (result lasts up to one year), excellent cohesion and high elasticity. It is very comfortable, as it contains two syringes with 1ml filler each, which makes it affordable by the price.

ELASTY G is the volume version of Elasty filler series. 

It is designed to fill the volume and create beautiful contour shapes of the nose, chin, cheekbones, nasolabial folds, facial contour. Works well on medium-deep and deep wrinkles.

Product scope

Face,Cheeks,Cheekbones,Wrinkles,Nasolabial folds

HA concentration

24 mg/ml



Syringe Volume

1 ml

Needle size

30 G,27G


Dermal Filler


3 mg

Country of origin

South Korea