VIORA V30 Console

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Multi-Technology Platform: Laser + IPL + RF + Fractional RF

In  today’s  competitive  business  environment,  you  need  to  have  the  most  advanced  technology  to  best  meet  your  customers’  demands.  However the purchase of numerous, different devices to meet these demands  can  be  at  great  expense,  and  the  technology  can  become  obsolete while you’re still paying off your investment.
V30  Platform  is  designed  to  answer  those  challenges  and  more, by providing you with the most advanced technologies within one platform, allowing you to expand your practice as you need it.

Multi-Technology Platform to Shape Your Future. 

Comprehensive Treatment Array.
The V30 Platform houses a strong foundation of different technologies – Nd:Yag, IPL & proprietary CORE™  and  SVC™  RF  –  that  enable  you  to  offer  multiple  applications  to  your  customers. Each  technology  is  accessible  via  a  different  handpiece,  all  of  which  can  be  acquired  separately.

VIORA capitalizes on the advanced and proprietary technology within V30 by delivering the most effective results possible, quickly, safely, painlessly and with little to no downtime.

The most popular patient needs that can be treated with the V30 Platform:
 - Skin Tightening
 - Body & Facial Contouring
 - Skin Rejuvenation
 - Skin Resurfacing
 - Hair Removal
 - Acne Clearance
 - Stretch Mark Reduction
 - Pigmented Lesions
 - Vascular Lesions
 - Cellulite Reduction
 - Hyperpigmentation
 - Reduce Fine Lines & Wrinkles

Harnessing the Power of the V30 Platform
While utilizing single technologies with V30 results in outstanding clinically efficacious sessions, the  power  of  the  device  becomes  apparent  when  performing  Sinclair’s  treatment  protocols incorporating multiple technologies. Specially developed protocols founded on worldwide clinical experience allow you to deliver results at the highest standard.

Offer More with Multiple Technologies
V30’s  expandable  platform  means  that  you  can  have  the  most  advanced  technology  at  your  fingertips, when you want it. Interchangeable handpieces allow you the flexibility to offer your patients a wide variety of treatments. And increasing your service offering means increasing your business potential.

All backed by Sinclair’s marketing, clinical, service and business support to ensure that your use of the V-Series.

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