GPQ's most well-known brand is WiQo. GPQ Srl is an Italian company in the field of aesthetic medicine. The WiQo line has been developed with the most advanced scientific research. WiQo products meet the needs of all skin types and all ages. The Active Skin Programme, designed by WiQo, is the ideal skin treatment. Products marked by the green-blue line, such as the Nourishing And Moisturizing Cream, satisfy the skin's request for protection and prevention since they are formulated with active ingredients of proven clinical efficacy. The product has moisturizing and hydrating properties and a skin revitalization effect. The Smoothing Face Fluid and Elasticizing Anti-Drying Body Cream, the products marked with the red line. The Smoothing Face Fluid is a smoothing face cream used in skin anti-ageing treatment and helps to smooth out imperfections in younger skin. Over 40,000 skincare professionals across the world have used WIQO PRX-T33 to provide over 3 million treatments since 2011, PRX-T33 is one of the most popular treatments for peeling skin. For aftercare, patients should apply WiQo facial smoothing fluid and WiQo Nourishing and Moisturising face cream.

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