SoftFil® stands as a prominent French brand under the umbrella of Prollenium Medical Technologies Inc., driven by the vision of redefining aesthetics through enhanced safety, simplicity, and comfort for those administering injections. With a focus on elevating the injection process, SoftFil has curated an array of product and service ranges:

SoftFil® Precision range, a comprehensive collection of micro-cannulas that leads the market, enhancing the injection experience significantly.

SoftFil® EasyGuide, an innovative intelligent pre-hole needle designed to optimize cannula injections, revolutionizing the approach.

SoftFil® Post-Act Solutions range emerges, featuring cosmetic solutions tailored for medical professionals, meticulously crafted to optimize aesthetic procedures and elevate patient comfort.

Since its inception, SoftFil has steadfastly adhered to a rigorous quality policy, with an unwavering commitment to the contentment of both aesthetic medical professionals and their patients. The company holds multiple certifications, including ISO 13485: 2016 / EN ISO 13485: 2016. Notably, their injection medical devices, SoftFil® Precision, and SoftFil® EasyGuide, hold GMed certification and bear the CE0459 mark. These products are guaranteed to be 100% sterile, designed for single-use, and exclusively intended for healthcare professionals.

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