Meditoxin is a type A botulinum toxin produced by Medytox Inc. in Korea since 2006. Clostridium botulinum had been studied by Korean scientists in the 1980s, they then founded a biotechnology company called “ Medy-Tox. Inc. After many experiments on the biological, biochemical, immunological, and toxicity aspects, botulinum toxin type A became a biopharmaceutical product. In 2004 Meditoxin was licensed to famous pharmaceutical companies such as Ranbaxy who introduced Meditoxin to the South American market while the partner Q-MED has been involved in marketing Europe and Japan since 2007. All this makes it clear how reliable the  Meditoxin brand is. MEDITOXIN offers first-class botulinum toxins A with a good quality-price ratio when compared to Botox from Allergan, USA.

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